All you can eat

Wealth distribution statistics are very abstract for most people. All you can eat is intended to give people a playful and more intuitive access to such facts. Furthermore, the work should make it tangible that small advantages at the beginning can be more important than constant hard work. All you can eat achieves this in the form of an interactive game for 2-8 people with minimalistic design and few simple rules. A positive feedback-loop ensures an unbalanced outcome. As such, this deep space 8K installation quickly brings out feelings of superiority as well as frustration. The outcome is compared to real wealth statistics. Multiple runs with varying intensity of the positive feedback-loop offers opportunities to reflect on one’s own point of view. Sound design by The work was presented at 2023 Ars Electronica festival
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[masterslider id="3"] The Daktyloskop is an interactive device to superpose two ways of generation of motion pictures. The first and historically earlier method is to show a series of printed photographies very fast one after another at the same place. Such devices are called Zoetrop. A digital screen is a modern way to do this. The Daktyloskop combines the zoetrop with digital screens. This adds some interesting features to the Zoetrop: the number of images is limted by the available data space of the PC and not by the size of the zoetrop speed/direction of the motion can be uncoupled of the speed/direction of the zoetrop content can be changed while the device is being used The idea to the project came from Georg Wohlesser. Simon Hauer and I joined him for the realization of this project. Detailed information about the Dakytloskop can be found on the project homepage.
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