The Daktyloskop is an interactive device to superpose two ways of generation of motion pictures. The first and historically earlier method is to show a series of printed photographies very fast one after another at the same place. Such devices are called Zoetrop. A digital screen is a modern way to do this. The Daktyloskop combines the zoetrop with digital screens. This adds some interesting features to the Zoetrop:

  • the number of images is limted by the available data space of the PC and not by the size of the zoetrop
  • speed/direction of the motion can be uncoupled of the speed/direction of the zoetrop
  • content can be changed while the device is being used

The idea to the project came from Georg Wohlesser. Simon Hauer and I joined him for the realization of this project.

Detailed information about the Dakytloskop can be found on the project homepage.

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