Photoacustic 64-channel Projectograph

At RECENDT, I work in the Photoacoustic group. Photoacoustic imaging is an imaging modality used in biology and medicine. The idea is to combine (high) optical contrast with (high) ultrasonic resolution. We are currently developing a photoacoustic projectograph which acquires projection images within a few seconds.
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Collapsing Bubble

For this animation, I used the k-wave matlab toolbox in a non scientific context. The toolbox can be used to simulate sound propagation and photoacoustic tomography.
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AD-Conversion of an AD-Converter

A blank sheet of paper is often the beginning of creative work . In a first step, a sketch is made and afterwards, a precise plan is developed. Before the actual manufacturing happens, the plan is transformed into a model, allowing working on details. The first three stages of this process can be digitized, using an analog-digital converter (ADC). The manufacturing is based on the reverse operation, namely the digital-analog conversion, which can be digitally simulated. Computers provide simple ways for automation of processes. What happens if the process of the development of an analog digital converter itself is digitized and automated? The video "AD-Conversion of an AD-Converter" shows the result - a recursive process in which a machine produces identical new instances of itself again and again. Sounddesign by Thomas Stiermaier
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